As an inclusive family support agency, Family SOS offers FREE comprehensive programs that will benefit all family members. At Family SOS we work to reach children and youth in the home, in the school, and in the community.

For Parents

Our Parenting Programs provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to build upon their current parenting strengths and skills by:

  • Increasing parenting confidence

  • Connecting families with community resources and supports

  • Working together to identify effective parenting strategies specific to the family

In Home Parenting Support

This support program focuses on a holistic, strength based, one-on-one parent education approach. In Home Parenting Support staff work collaboratively with parents and caregivers of children and youth (ages 0 -17) to create a parenting plan based on their self-identified goals. These goals might include, but are not limited to, structure and routine, day-to-day behaviour management, stress management, communication, relationship building, co-parenting, ‘disrespect’, etc.

Positive Parenting Groups

These groups provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to connect with and support each other as they learn new tools and techniques. Groups are two hours per week for eight weeks and are offered to both moms and dads separately. Topics include: positive parenting techniques, communication, conflict management, co-parenting, punishment vs. discipline, emotional wellness and stress management.

The Snowsuit Fund

The Snowsuit Fund is a program that helps outfit children, youth and families for the cold winter months. We accept donations of gently used snowsuits as well as monetary donations for snowsuits, jackets, snow pants, hats, mittens and boots for local families in need.

For Youth

Our Youth Programs provide a peer-oriented, free-thinking setting for youth (ages 12 - 17) to develop life skills and confidence through:

  • Developing leadership and mentoring skills

  • Increasing self-confidence and physical health

  • Being comfortable in new social situations

  • Developing life skills and career development

  • Recognizing the importance of volunteering

Healthy Teenz

Healthy Teenz is a community-based program that offers a fun and interactive place for youth to engage in unique after school and summer day camp opportunities. Healthy Teenz exposes youth to new experiences and activities within and outside their community. Program is offered in North End Halifax, Dartmouth North and Spryfield.

Teenz Talk

Teenz Talk is an innovative, in school program addressing the most relevant issues facing teens today. Sessions explore a variety of topics pertaining to mental health and self-care including: healthy relationships, conflict management, bullying, cyber safety, and self awareness. Teenz Talk is delivered through engaging presentations, conversations, story sharing, videos and hands-on activities. 

BEEA Honey with Heart 

BEEA is a youth-led social enterprise project where participants are responsible for managing beehives, harvesting honey to sell, and educating their community on the importance of bees. Youth engage in beekeeping workshops, small business seminars and attend local events and festivals to promote their honey.

For Children

Our Children’s Programs provide opportunities for growth and development in a fun and interactive environment by:

  • Helping children to develop social skills

  • Assisting children in developing their literacy skills

  • Instilling the importance of physical activity

  • Sharing the importance of healthy eating

Healthy Kidz

Located at our Spryfield location in the Greystone community, Healthy Kidz offers a fun and safe place for children (ages 5 -11). Staff work with children to build a strong rapport and to foster a sense of trust and understanding.  The program provides unique after school and summer day camp opportunities that engage and educate children. 

Kidz Connect

Kidz Connect embodies the core information of our previous Keeping Kids Safe in a Cyber World Program such as: navigating the risks and dangers of cyberspace while taking a more in-depth look at issues pertaining to mental health. The program educates grade 4 students and equips them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with situations surrounding; cyberbullying/bullying, conflict, depression, anxiety and stress.