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2015 Courage to Give Back Awards


The Courage To Give Back Awards honours extraordinary individuals who have overcome adversity and have gone on to give back to their community. 








Awards Ambassador

The Courage To Give Back Awards Ambassador is a recognized leader in the community who has also overcome personal adversity and has gone on to give back through community leadership, development, education, and programming. 


Brendan Maguire

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Brendan Maguire's Speech


Tribute to Brendan Maguire





Award Recipients


Nancy Walker - Ben James Autism Summer Camp

Amazing Grace Award

The Amazing Grace award is presented to a community member whose advocacy and accomplishments have significantly contributed to the well-being of families. This individual has surmounted barriers and continues to fight for what is right. Through a graceful gentle spirit and a natural inclination to bring out the good in others, the amazing grace recipient has the courage to face heart wrenching circumstances and turn it into an opportunity to better the lives of others. 


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David McKeage - Brigadoon

Brave Heart Award

The Brave Heart award is awarded to someone who inspires others with their will and dedication. Despite many challenges in their way, they persevere, exceeding expectations. A Brave Heart is one that beats strongly and loudly, motivating others to be the best they can be.


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Hope Swinimer - Hope for Wildlife

Indomitable Spirit Award

The Indomitable Spirit award is given to an individual who shows true determination, conviction and dedication to the community. This person has shown courage in the face of adversity, and demonstrates what it really means to invest yourself in a cause. This individual’s passion is evident in their work, and the heart they put into each project. The Indomitable Spirit is not only a leader in the community but a force to drive change and encourage others.


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Hope Swinimer's Speech



Cory Bell - Lindsay Construction

Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero award is presented to an individual who has made substantial and significant contributions to the community, but has rarely received the recognition they deserve. This person is a pillar of strength and support on which the community can rely, without which we simply would not be where we are today. While the unsung hero may not seek the spotlight, he or she is constantly giving back to those around them. This person's courage of kindness and positive attitude have inspired us and encourages us to ensure no good deed goes unnoticed.


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Cory Bell's Speech


Kylie Davison

Inspiring Youth Award

The Inspiring Youth Award is awarded to a youth who has overcome personal barriers, has shown personal growth and demonstrates leadership in their community.


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